Our Rates

Income Tax returns range in price from R 450 for a basic return, to R 1 300 for a company tax return.

Sole proprietors who keep their own records up to date on a spreadsheet can expect to pay in the region of R 2 300 for their tax return which includes a set of financial statements.  Shoe boxes filled with slips and bank statements are gladly accepted, but our charge-out rate to organise your box into manageable financials is R 550 an hour.

Our services for PAYE and VAT returns range from just submitting a return based on your figures (R 450)  to completing the capturing and filing the return (R 350 per hour plus the return submission fee above).

For specialist consulting work our fee per hour is R 750.


For a more detailed list of our fees please feel free to email us on jennifer@lopestax.co.za