Who We Are

We provide an advanced tax service to industry in Durban and surrounds, in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.  This service includes assessments of audit findings, objections and appeals, alternate dispute resolution hearings, and much more.

Accounting/ Auditing firms often have to spread their resources across Accounting/ Auditing/ Business Planning/ Financial Statements/ Reviews, etc.

The last thing a busy person needs, whether business owner or accountant, is to stop what they’re working on to come up with a winning argument to present to SARS in their defense.

Taxation as an industry is becoming more and more complicated, with complex requirements and continuous adjustments, often times ending in daunting ADR Hearings.  And now with PAYE and VAT audits in full swing it can feel like all you do is pander to SARS and their demands, leaving no time to get on with the work you are paid for.

We, at Jennifer Lopes Tax & Accounting, are equipped with the education, training and passion necessary to effectively manage the problem you have at SARS.

Outsourcing your tax function to us will greatly reduce your stress. It also makes financial sense. Why hire a tax specialist in excess of R 30 000 a month, when you can hire us on a per-project basis to manage SARS for you.

We manage your tax problems so that you can manage your business.

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